Collective Conscious: A Thoughts Database

Collective Conscious is an interactive web database in which participants will use a simple upload tool to submit thoughts to a visualised database. Inspired by the mental conversations I have when falling asleep, this piece is about the pool of human thoughts, both as a problem solving method and as a birthing place for new ideas. In essence, the piece is about the collection of ideas and thoughts from a social space, and the storage of thoughts and ideas into an accessible database. Since the user of the installation only has control over uploading a thought or hearing a thought, it creates a communal knowledge base which is accessible to all participants.

When the user loads the website, they will see a short and simple description of the purpose of the interaction. When they interact with the floating balls that represent the different thoughts, they are now looking through a window to another person’s perspective. The user is then faced with one of two choices, to either record a thought of their own, or to continue to hear the thoughts of others. The recordings they hear will come from one of four categories: Human thought process, philosophy, thoughts while falling asleep, and societal structure. After hearing the recording, the user will be faced with the choice of either contributing to the knowledge pool or playing the role of the information consumer. Information is never removed from the database, and thus, its knowledge pool can only grow in size.

I have a deep interest in the human thought process, so by putting the user in a personal environment via their home computer, it allows me to gather information from everyone, even those generally too timid to share ideas and thoughts face to face. The experience has been constructed so that the knowledge base communal, like a web forum, as opposed to singular, like a book. It is assembled in this way because I firmly believe that the collective pooling and discussion of information is far more effective than the traditional method of simply consuming information. This installation is a web based piece, because that way a far greater number of participants can interact with the database. Society is currently in the information age, and as such, it is important that people understand and actively engage in the generation of new thoughts and ideas. Thus, this database allows people to engage in content generation, without having to leave the safety of their own mind.


About Connors Eilersen

I am a graduate (BFA) of Ryerson University, and I like to make things, design things, and think things.
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