Changing the World Through Meaningful Play: Report on the 2010 ISAGA Conference

The Article

This article is basically documentation of the ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association) conference that took place in 2010. This conference showcases how gaming technology can be used accross a variety of feilds. “Papers at the conference came from many fields: medicine, military strategy, criminal justice, business, entrepreneurship, land management, change management, computer sciences, mathematics, language acquisition, culture, entertainment-focused games, toys, simulation/game design, and assessment. Many of the sessions were run as interactive workshops or game play sessions,” (Murff, 1).

My Opinion

This article is for the most part, a waste of time. It doesn’t expand at all on the potential of the technologies this conference is embracing, and only documents what actually took place. This is more of a reference document, and only really has uses in examining the conference itself, not the technology itself.


About Connors Eilersen

I am a graduate (BFA) of Ryerson University, and I like to make things, design things, and think things.
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