Making Life: A Comment on ‘Playing God in Frankenstein’s Footsteps: Synthetic Biology and the Meaning of Life’ by Henk van den Belt (2009)

The Article

This article is building upon a foundation laid by Henk van den Belt, which in turn builds upon the literary classic, Frankenstein. The author discusses the implications of what it means to “Play God” within the context of Frankenstein. In other words, what does it mean to have control over life and creation. Classic literary text seem to point towards evidence that when someone has enough hubris, thinking of themselves as having the power of god, they meet an inevitable and unfortunate end. He also discusses what the theological implications of this are, and the struggle between science and theology when it comes to creating new life and “that God’s prerogative is being usurped.” (Ball, 1).

My Opinion

While the author is speaking about something that is considered worth of study, this information seems far to outdated to be in any article written in 2009. The article relies to heavily on social and religious principles from when Frankenstein was actually written, most of which are not relevant to the modern day and age.


About Connors Eilersen

I am a graduate (BFA) of Ryerson University, and I like to make things, design things, and think things.
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