The Long History of Gaming in Military Training

The Article

Gaming has a long standing history of military use, particularly in the area of tactical training and combat simulation. “This has taken the form of sand tables, miniatures, board games, and computer games. The current tension between entertainment and military applications over games is just the return of similar concerns that have surrounded gaming tools and technologies in previous generations,” (Smith, 1). The original uses of gaming was kept fairly exclusive the the high up commanders, since gaming’s uses were fairly limited to the tactical. However, with new advances in technology, gaming can be useful to even the common soldier. Simulation technology has advanced to the point of near realism, making it a powerful training tool for pilots, gunners, medics, and vehicle drivers. Gaming is now has military applications even beyond the military itself. Gaming is a powerful propaganda tool for recruiting more militants. An example of this medium is the popular game America’s Army, created solely by the United States military. In conclusion, gaming has become a powerful medium for the military, and will continue to grow as it has throughout history.

My Opinion

Having had first hand experience with America’s Army and other military simulation software, I was fairly familiar with this topic before reading the article. It makes several good points for the benefits of simulation, though at this point in time for society, I think it is fairly common place for simulation software to be used in almost every field of profession. Even something like a fast food chain often uses simulation technology to teach their staff the ins and outs of the job. Thus, the article is relevant to modern society, but raises a point that has been fairly understood for several years.


About Connors Eilersen

I am a graduate (BFA) of Ryerson University, and I like to make things, design things, and think things.
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