Having Presence Within the Digital Globe

  1. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as internet gps to help you navigate this crazy new world, but hat doesn’t mean you have to stay lost in the vast networks of connections and interconnections. There are plenty of things the average person can do to leave there mark in this newly developing social sphere. Before we begin, lets take a look at one interpretation of the modern internet.
  2. As you can plainly see, the world wide web is a pretty big place, and like any big place, it is full of change. Since its creation, the world wide web has been a place of evolution, increasing in functionality to suit the needs and wants of those who use it. The modern version of the world wide web is called Web 2.0. Here’s a video explaining it.
  3. Due to these things, those with internet have access to a social sphere in which their voice can be heard and can influence change. This change can take any number of forms, from political activism to a discussion about music and movies. Regardless of the subject matter, the internet allows the speed of content and idea generation to increase to faster than it has ever been in history. 
  4. So in a world where the lifespan of content is limited and there are millions of voices all competing to be heard, it is plain to understand how someone could feel overwhelmed. Which brings to us to the meat and potatoes of this article: How does one actually have an effect in the online social sphere? For that, we turn to the writing of social and online analytic scientist, Michael Wu.
  5. Hopefully this article has been informative, and I wish you the best of luck in your future online endeavors. If you’d like some food for thought, please leave a comment telling me what inter-connectivity means to you, and if you think online networking is the right direction for society to head.

    Thanks for reading!

About Connors Eilersen

I am a graduate (BFA) of Ryerson University, and I like to make things, design things, and think things.
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