Cloud Computing: A New Term for the Modern Society

  1. Cloud computing is a buzz word that has been thrown around a lot over the past several years. But what does it really mean? First, we should understand how cloud computing actually works. For all the information you could ever want to know on the history and functionality of cloud computing, see the wiki article below.
  2. However, this concept is not all fun and rainbows. There are several serious things that need to be considered when using cloud computing, and the giant of all them is privacy and security. This doesn’t instantly write off cloud computing as a bad thing though, but rather something that users should be informed about. For information on privacy and security guidelines, see the article below.

  3. After these things have been considered, you are ready to start cloud computing. There are many different types of cloud computing services out there. Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all examples of social cloud computing, whereas dropbox, google drive, and skydrive are all file based cloud computing platforms. First ask yourself what you need to use cloud computing for, and then find the service that is best for you. If by chance you are a cloud computing developer, then see the below article for helpful links and advice.
  4. And there you have it; cloud computing for the modern era. Feel free to check out my other storify articles, and leave a comment if this interests you. As for the question of the week, what do you think is going to be the next big media type that gets used in cloud computing?

About Connors Eilersen

I am a graduate (BFA) of Ryerson University, and I like to make things, design things, and think things.
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