Big Data and Internet Security

  1. The internet is a vast an complicated array of information. This information is generated from a number of different things, not all of which are internet based. Things like where you shop, where you travel and where you work are all elements of things that can get sorted into clumps of data. However, it has only been a fairly recent development that data on a global scale has been possible, due to processing improvements and more reliable and intuitive programming languages. The programming language Hadoop is a major player in why the organization of big data is possible. For more information on Hadoop, see the following.
  2. This concept of big data and data mining brings to light other concerns. First and foremost is the issue of intellectual property. Big data involves collecting data from more than just browsing data and shopping habits, but also by examining your own creative content. For example, if you post a photo to Facebook, your image is now under whatever User License Agreement you have given permission for. In the current day and age, there aren’t many laws or restrictions on how the internet is to be used, and as such it is easy to have your idea stolen, whether by accident or on purpose. For more information regarding this issue, see the following link.
  3. The topic of intellectual property brings us to our next topic, cyber security. The theft of intellectual property is just one of many types of cyber crime out there, and I mean to make you aware of a few others. The simple list of types of crime includes malware, phishing, spoofing, identity theft and fraud, spam, cyber bullying, and cyberstalking. This is a pretty large area to cover, so if you would like to know the gritty details of what this all entails, visit the following government document.
  4. Big data and online security are very prevalent issues in today cyber and physical society. I hope this article has been informative, and I encourage you to leave a comment. Over the past few years we have seen several major laws about internet usage and copyright laws go through government. What do you think is the next big law to effect the web?

About Connors Eilersen

I am a graduate (BFA) of Ryerson University, and I like to make things, design things, and think things.
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